Anti Discipline

So you want to be disciplined. You saw Rocky, Karate Kid or Star Wars and you watched how the heroes win thanks to regular training. They achieve success because they are disciplined. They overcome obstacles and reach their goals because of their strong character.

So you want to be like them. You say to yourself: "I'm going to become disciplined." And you start doing push-ups every day. You start getting up early. You change your life. You change yourself.

Then, a month later, you realize you haven't been doing push-ups for a week now. You are getting up late. Nothing changed. And you feel bad about yourself. You think to yourself that you are not strong enough. That you are not disciplined and that is why you fail so often.

So, you think that discipline is a key to success... Wrong. Discipline is only what people see in others. The real strength to change comes from the motivation to do so. And that motivation has to be real. It has to be so strong that it will force you to change. It has to grow in your mind. It has to fill your soul and burn from the inside. Once you feel that internal fire, there is nothing that can stop you.

But you cannot develop the real motivation just like that. ZenHabits talks about motviation hacks. None of them works for me. Except one.

Real passion.


Anti Blog

It's so easy to sit by the keyboard and type your next blog post. It's so much harder to go, take a notebook and a pen, and write in your journal.

But the physical act of writing is so much more rewarding. Writing activates much more parts of the brain than typing. It is slower so it requires you to train memory and concentration. It is also a form of drawing so it enables your creativity and imagination.

This post is anti blog. Don't blog today. Go and write in your journal. See if you can remeber what it's like.